The List: May 2019 Catchup

The Final Destination (2009, David R. Ellis, USA)

(This is #4.) Undoubtedly the weakest of the five Final Destinations, but still sits comfortably in the series as pure deathly spectacle. Same director as #2, meaning both have the same self-reference, fake-outs, and the Rubiest Goldbergiest deaths. (#1 and #3 are the more serious and effective ones, and #5 takes all the best elements from the previous four and runs a victory lap.)

Operation Pink Squad 2 (1989, Jeffrey Lau, Hong Kong)

A fun and raunchy ensemble comedy about four policewomen going undercover in a haunted apartment building.

Gemini (2009, Shin’ya Tsukamoto, Japan)

I haven’t looked into this movie since I watched it, and what remains is a chaotic mess of surreal ghosts and amorphous events on a solid backbone of duality. My lasting impression probably isn’t representative of the movie itself, and this is mostly a note to myself to watch this again and read up on it.

Grace (2009, Paul Solet, USA)

It seems like such a simple premise for a horror movie: an infant needs to feed on blood. A bottle of blood. Fly paper hanging like mobiles. Perfect images from an excellent execution of that premise. Very gross and personal.

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