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  • Turns out one Jurassic Park movie was enough

    Monday, June 20, 2011

    Here’s a radical fucking idea. If I’m about to say some stuff in twitter that will take 3 or more posts, why not put it on the blog. Shyea I know right?

    We watched Jurassic Park 2 (aka The Lost World: Jurassic Park) again. Hadn’t seen it since high school. I didn’t remember it being that good, and it isn’t. I read the book before it came out and that definitely gave it a bad flavor on release. Weren’t there chameleon dinosaurs in the book?

    One thing that makes the first Jurassic Park great, aside from the obvious, is Hammond. He’s not quite the villain, but he’s the one responsible and his flaws are front and center throughout the movie. He’s greedy, he abuses power, he dreams too big. And he’s not killed off in the name of contrived justice, like his counterpart in the second movie. Hammond is left to live with his regret, but he doesn’t apologize for his flaws. One day his tombstone will read, “Fuck you all. I made dinosaurs.”

    The other odd thing I like about the first is that the humans don’t kill any dinosaurs, to the best of my memory. They kill a raptor in 2; but at least it’s the teenage girl who does it, not any of the 50 men with giant guns. That’s badass.

    PS The movie is watchable thanks to Jeff Goldblum.

    PPS In high school we read Frankenstein and the teacher was talking about watching one of the movies. I raised my hand and asked if we could just watch Jurassic Park instead. He nodded slowly and smiled. It was my finest moment.

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